Dinesh “D’Louza” Psychoanalyzes liberal thought

The Indian-American conservative political commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was a guest on Glenn Beck’s radio show last Friday, promoting “America: Imagine a world without her”, his latest book and movie.  While he was there, he explained to the show’s conservative audience the mentality of liberals and what causes them to think the way they do.  He claimed that liberals are driven by envy, and that we strive to carry out our envy against the rich by spreading the wealth.

Listen to his psycho-analysis for yourself:

Anyone who watches Dinesh’s argument and has any common sense will know that all the nonsense he just spit out of his filthy mouth is nothing but bullshit.  I will now counter it by developing my own argument.  Judging by how irrational Dinesh’s argument was and how it lacked evidence, it probably won’t be hard to make an argument that proves itself superior to his.

Firstly, Liberals aren’t envious of the rich like Dinesh thinks we are.  Although it is true that most of us aren’t rich, when we see all the luxuries that the rich enjoy, we are outraged that they are allowed to live so highly while the majority of the population suffers.  This outrage does not derive from envy, it comes from rationality and morality.  We believe that it’s immoral to have millions of people struggle to live, while a very small minority of wealthy individuals exploit the poor. Those who are envious of the rich are usually conservatives who wish to increase their own social status in this capitalist society.  They care not for all those who they push down along their way to success, they only care about enriching themselves.  Liberals don’t see income inequality this way.  They don’t just care about themselves individually like conservatives do, instead, they offer a solution to the problem, such as affordable health care.

In this analysis, Dinesh believes that only the working class are envious of the rich.  Yet, some of the most liberal states in the union have a large middle class, like New York or Maryland.  So, why are these middle class citizens so liberal, Dinesh?  Are they also envious of the rich?  A rational answer is no.  The reason why middle class Americans are liberal is because they too, do not support the culture of the ruling class, or their exploitation of the poor.  I should know, I’m middle class citizen who is deeply liberal, and its not because of envy for the rich (I despise the rich, I would never want to become one of them), it is because I care about the rights of average americans within the working class.  Dinesh D’Souza does not and cannot understand this because he is a member of the bourgeoisie, thus, he has become out of touch of what regular americans believe and how they think, so he makes up stuff like this psycho-analysis.  In reality, he is afraid of liberals and the fact that they want to spread the wealth.  Spreading the wealth would mean that wealthy capitalists like himself lose their immense wealth, and it is distributed among the proletarians they have exploited.

Dinesh is also hurting his claim that liberals are envious members of the working class when he remarks that President Obama is envious.  We can all agree that Obama is liberal.  Of course Republicans can, many conservatives make him out to be more liberal than he really is.  During his rant, Dinesh states that Obama is “suffused with envy”.  If this were true, who would Obama be envious of? Who is there for Obama to be envious of?  He is the President of the most powerful country on Earth, and probably the most most powerful world leader, after Putin.  Because Obama has so much power, there is no logical reason for him to be envious of anyone.  Even during his first presidential campaign, Obama was a successful U.S. senator who had plenty of wealth to support himself and his family.  There is no way Obama could be envious of anyone.  This damages Dinesh’s claim that liberalism only derives from envy.  If this were true, than there could be no way a man successful and envy-less as Obama could be liberal.  This alone, reveals Dinesh’s psycho-analysis as incorrect. It looks Dinesh D’Souza is “D’Louza” of this argument.

Ultimately, Dinesh D’Souza is just another conservative idiot who shouts out bullshit like this without any evidence, and isn’t able to defend it because he can’t construct a rational argument.  If he actually did think rationally and realistically, he would know that conclusions like this are crazy.  Last I checked, Dinesh doesn’t have a PhD or any experience in psychology, so he isn’t even qualified to make psycho-analysis on liberals, which also induces the question, why are we even listening to him?

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