About Me

Welcome to my blog, which goes by the same name as my online name, Obscure Echo.  I created this blog to write about things that interest me.  I tend to focus more on political issues, but I also like to occasionally branch out by writing about topics in the news or whatever is on my mind that I feel deserves a post.  Personally, I am a student, writer, musician, liberal, and an American.  I like politics, history, many types of music (especially Jazz) and many other things.

I am quite busy with work throughout the week, so the weekend is usually my only time that I can write posts for my blog, if I have the time to do so.


Blog series:

– Top 10s

– Keeping them honest


Political Ideology: Democratic Socialism

Foreign Policy position: Anti-Imperialism

Religion: None (Agnostic Atheism)

Political Party: Currently no party affiliation (Independent)

Preferred 2016 Candidate: Bernie Sanders


My positions on current political issues:

Gun control: I supporting the banning of all gun and firearms for public use.  Although its a fantasy that will never become true here in America, where we treat our guns like our utensils.  Over 30,000 Americans die every year in gun-related incidents.  We must act to end this terror.

ObamaCare: I think it is a great bill that drastically helps Americans.  I would prefer that there be a universal health care provided by the state, but knowing our government, such a responsibility could never be executed.

Marijuana: Legalize it.  It is nowhere near as harmful as other drugs.  Of course, we’ll have to monitor and regulate consumption, but it makes no sense to arrest people for using such a harmless drug, and to waste so much money and time punishing them for it.

Medicare:  We should expand our medicare program.

Abortion: Pro-Choice,  I think that women should have a freedom over their bodies.

Gay Marriage: Legalize it!  Stop letting bigotry prevent individuals who love each other from marrying!

Death Penalty:  The federal government should allow the death penalty and do away with the life in prison sentence, which is a much harsher punishment.

Immigration: Children of illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship.

Money in Politics: Corporations, interest groups, or any type of group should not be allowed to donate or assist politicians in any way.  Only individuals should be able to, and it must be established how much an individual can donate to a candidate.

Welfare: Able-bodied, mentally capable adults who receive welfare should be required to work.  However, it is often not one’s fault that they are unemployed and can’t find work.  In our economy and economic system, there are many hard-working individuals who cannot find a job.

Minimum Wage:  We must raise the minimum wage to a living wage so that American workers can afford to provide for themselves and their families.

Global Warming: Global Warming is a significant threat to the world environment, and we must do whatever we can to prevent its impacts on the world by working cooperatively with other nations.

Military spending: The U.S. should drastically decrease our military spending and instead of spending the trillions of dollars in defense funding we do on education and science.

Military intervention: I am a strong opponent of American imperialism.  I would prefer that our foreign policy focus more on diplomacy and humanitarian aid rather than Anti-Terrorism.  We should be a defensive force, not an occupying imperialistic force.  The U.S. military should end all military operations abroad and focus on defending the nation rather than oil fields.

Israel: The U.S. should no longer fund Israel, or we should at least decrease it to a normal amount of funding.  Seriously, let’s stop wasting billions of dollars on Israel, who always flips us off right afterwards.  We have other allies in the middle east.  Let’s spend that money on our crumbling infrastructure or our failed education system.

Religion: I am an Agnostic Atheist, meaning I strongly doubt the existence of a god or any supreme all-powerful being in the universe and the existence of any deity is impossible to prove.  I am also an Anti-theist.  I oppose religion and the worship of any deity as a harmful force on society. As a great intellectual once said “Religion is the opiate of the masses.”

Stem Cell Research: The U.S. should fund stem cell research

Robotics:  Although no one else is lobbying for it, I want to the federal government to establish an agency completely dedicated to the advancement of robotics and the engineering of artificial intelligence devices, like how we created NASA in response to the Soviet Union’s advancements in space exploration.  Industries in China and Japan have far out-run us in the field of robotics, because of this we must fill the gap by creating an independent executive agency of some of America’s greatest robotic engineers and computer scientists.  Such an influential and ambitious project would improve our standing in the world and create thousands of jobs.

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